Why I’m learning to read Russian and NOT speak it.

I got in a bit of an argument the other day with one of my advanced ESL students when I told him that I was learning to read Russian. “What?!” He exclaimed, “ But that goes against everything you say about learning English!” “How so?”’ I asked, getting a little defensive. “Well” he said “You[…]

6 language lessons I learnt from my 2 year old.

Over the past 9 months I have been observing how my daughters language skills have been developing. Here are some things I have noticed that I think we could all apply to our own language learning. My daughter spent a long time listening before attempting to speak. She listened to everything me and my husband[…]

6 phrases you need to know to make conversation English easier

Here are some helpful questions to ask your conversation partner when you don’t understand something. Use google translate to translate to your own language, but remember that google translate is not perfect. Start with: I don’t understand. and then ask one of these questions. Can you speak slowly please? What does that mean? Can you say that again please? or Can[…]