Reverse translation infographic

Reverse translation – A quick guide

Reverse translation is so adaptable. You can make it easy or hard, use magazines, books, blogs, articles, menus, the back of a cereal packet. Whatever you like! In the video below you’ll see that I use a book on Buddhism, but you can use anything. Like cycling? Use a cycling magazine? Into gadgets? Use a[…]

How to revitalize your language learning routine

Sometimes learning a language gets stale. You get bogged down with the same old routines. You feel like quitting, you aren’t getting anywhere, you’ve not learnt anything new, you can’t move up to intermediate level, your language partner frustrates you. You could take a break. I totally recommend it. Jeremy over at MotivateKorean has written[…]

Why I’m learning to read Russian and NOT speak it.

I got in a bit of an argument the other day with one of my advanced ESL students when I told him that I was learning to read Russian. “What?!” He exclaimed, “ But that goes against everything you say about learning English!” “How so?”’ I asked, getting a little defensive. “Well” he said “You[…]

6 language lessons I learnt from my 2 year old.

Over the past 9 months I have been observing how my daughters language skills have been developing. Here are some things I have noticed that I think we could all apply to our own language learning. My daughter spent a long time listening before attempting to speak. She listened to everything me and my husband[…]

Top 5 websites to make online language learning immersive

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in our target language, but luckily for us the next best thing is the internet. We have access to a whole world of other language learners, online communities  and very clever programmers to help us in our mission. Here are my top 5 websites that, when used all[…]