May 4, 2016

About me

Does speaking English stress you out?

Have you been studying for a long time and not improved?

Do you wish you could understand English speakers more easily?

Do you want to speak with more confidence?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then my method will work for you.

Who is my method for?
My method is designed for beginner (not complete beginners) to advanced learners to help you improve your level and to get you motivated to study English by yourself.

How do my lessons work with your study?
Take one or two lessons a week in addition to your daily language study.

What should you study?
I give you the tools and resources to improve your study method. You may need help changing a negative mindset, or some new ideas to make your study more enjoyable. Or maybe you just need a safe place to practise speaking.

What are LLE lessons like?
My lessons are a place for you to practise your speaking and conversation skills. I give you support and encouragement through guided conversation. I provide an atmosphere that is fun, and engaging as well as non-judgemental and safe so you feel at your most comfortable. When you feel comfortable, speaking will be a lot easier.

Free flowing conversation where you can choose to guide the conversation or I can guide it for you. You will chose the subjects to talk about, and maybe ask me the questions.

I choose interesting subjects for you to talk about, using video and photographs to inspire the conversation. I will ask open ended questions to create stimulating conversation.

I provide a very structured conversation with simple sentences and pictures to go with each sentence.

What will you get from my lessons?
Practise speaking English using your existing knowledge. I don’t so much as teach you English rather than provide you a place for you to USE your English with guidance and support. In the lesson I will write down (using Google docs) new vocabulary that comes up so that you can review it, and put it into flashcard system if you wish. I also write down how you should have said something in a more natural way and any pronunciation issues will be discussed at the end of the session. I make a note of any repeated errors and give you the tools to work on improving them. 

At the end of 1 lesson with me you will have

 – Been able to speak freely and confidently about a certain topic

 – Seen where you could have said things in a more natural way

 – Learnt new vocabulary

 – Learnt how to pronounce difficult words

At the end of several lessons with me you will have

 – Learnt where you need to improve your English

 – Increased your speaking confidence and fluency

 – Addressed pronunciation issues

 – Made a strong connection with a native English speaker

The next step?
Book a trial lesson with me to see if you like how I teach!

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