10 refreshingly unique English teachers you should be following


10 refreshingly unique English teachers you should be following

There’s a tonne of English teachers out there, so so many, that it’s hard to know who to follow, and who to invest in. So instead of you doing all the research yourself, I’ve compiled a list of 10 great teachers who have caught my eye because they are refreshingly unique. Some are hugely popular teachers whom I’ve been following for some time and others I’ve recently noticed and I’m impressed by their style. I think they all deserve a shout out and in doing so I hope I can give you some refreshing content to spur your motivation.

Mimic Method

Idahosa Ness is a super cool polyglot who uses music, rhythm and flow to learn new languages. Whilst he was studying percussion in Brazil he came up with a method to help him learn complex rhythms, which in turn helped him figure out his “Learning by Ear Mimic Method”. Check out this cool video where he raps in 8 different languages.

Why he’s unique: He can rap in 8 different languages!
Where to find him: https://www.mimicmethod.com/

Fluency MC

This guy makes kids language lessons seriously fun, but adults can enjoy it too especially if you are into Hip Hop. Beastie Boys anyone? The Fluency MC or Jason Levine as he’s called has been teaching people of all ages for 18 years, and like Idahosa Ness, he knows how important rhythm and music is for language learning. His rap on irregular verbs has had over 4 million hits on youtube and I particularly like this video on phrasal verbs.

Why he’s unique: Who wouldn’t want a Beasties Boys vs Grammar Drills mash up!
Where to find him: http://fluencymc.com/

Tony Marsh Method

Methodical and logical, he’s taught the FBI, the navy and NATO as well as many other high profile clients! He uses an incredibly simple method which probably took him years to perfect called The Language Matrix. It’s designed to get you speaking right away using sentence building techniques starting from a basic verb and adding all the vocabulary around the verb. You’ll be speaking in sentences within your first lesson with him.

Why he’s unique: He’s trained the FBI! ‘Nuff said!
Where to find him: http://www.tonymarshmethod.com/

Lindsay Does Languages

Lindsay’s content is so full of personality, I watch her videos just for the entertainment value! Which I guess is what makes a great video, it has to be entertaining as well as informative and this girl nails it! Fun, humorous, social media expert, language coach, she offers two great paid courses, one of which is the super unique Social Media Success – How to Maximise Social Media for Language Learning.

Why she’s unique: She’s a genuinely amusing, super creative social media guru!
Where to find her: http://www.lindsaydoeslanguages.com/

Fluent Language

Bi-lingual language geek Kerstin brings her own language learning knowledge to the internet to create an excellent language coaching podcast co-hosted with Lindsay. She’s also written two fantastic language books and she teaches German. Her resources apply to anyone learning any language.

Why she’s unique: She’s a language geek with a fantastic knack for explaining.
Where to find her: http://fluentlanguage.co.uk/

To Fluency

Jack Askew is going up in the world of Youtube, his videos are simple and clear, lots of well-explained grammar, and what’s really interesting is when he shares his daily life with us. His paid content is super clear and organised and he offers lots of personal support, this guy has got online teaching down!

Why he’s unique: He shares his daily activities using easy to understand language.
Where to find him: https://www.tofluency.com/

Go Natural English

Gabby Wallace, YouTuber extraordinaire and one of the world’s best English teachers. She has a thoroughly motivational style, tonnes of free resources and some great paid content too. Most importantly for me, she’s a been a great inspiration in my teaching business. I love her story of how she got into youtube, she only really intended her videos to be for the use of her own students until other people started liking them and then youtube stardom followed! She has taught in Japan, Brazil, and the United States, over 15 years of experience, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and can speak some Japanese and French too!

Why she’s unique: Natural flare for motivating people
Where to find her: http://gonaturalenglish.com/

5 Minute Language

Agnieszka Murdoch knows how to learn languages effectively. She’s tri-lingual (English, French and Polish) and can also speak Spanish, German and Swedish to varying degrees. She uses her experience to coach language learners in effective learning methods. Her content is clear and concise and she has a really calm and simple to understand manner. She offers excellent free content as well as some pretty extensive paid content too.

Why she’s unique: Beautifully calm and simple lessons and courses.
Where to find her: http://www.5minutelanguage.com/


I just love glish.guru’s teaching style. Glish.guru is a group of teachers brought together by Dani Leis. Dani developed the method for Glish based on the experience of her own conversation coaching practice “Let’s Talk!”. She uses video, podcasts or articles to inspire interesting conversation and then provides a safe environment to speak freely about the subject in question. It’s a great technique for improving fluency, check it out!

Why they’re unique: Super simple and effective teaching methods for improving fluency
Where to find them: http://glish.guru/

Teacher Luke

Luke’s podcast was recommended to me by one of my advanced students, he’s an avid follower and here’s why; Luke has been teaching English for 15 years, he’s a musician and stand up comedian too, which all just adds to the eclecticness of his podcasts. He talks about anything and everything in a hilarious yet natural, conversational style.

Why he’s unique: Genuinely hilarious and interesting podcast.
Where to find him: http://teacherluke.co.uk/

So there you have it, 10 refreshingly unique online teachers, check them out now and feel their inspiring waves of wisdom accelerating you towards fluency.

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