Love Learning English website launched!

6 months in the making!
Finally after 6 months of figuring out the design and content for my website I feel that I have enough for launch! Check out the free podcasts to go with my E-book 5 Tips for Easier English. Each podcast comes with notes that you can download for just $1.

So what’s the plan?
The website has been launched with 4 FREE podcasts (podcast #5 coming soon!), and the plan will be to publish at least 1 FREE podcast (with notes for $1) per month. In the future I will be producing video lessons, and you can always book a 1-on-1 lesson with me through my italki profile.

What will the podcasts be about?
There will be two types of podcast. News reports; where I will take my favourite new story of the week or month and write and record a report on it.

The other type of podcast will be on useful tips and hacks to improve your English learning. You can subscribe to my podcast feeds on itunes at any time.

Transcripts and notes for all podcasts will cost $1.

What will the video lessons be about?
The video lessons will be split into two categories, FREE “how to” videos where I will explain how to create meaningful flashcards, or how to shadow etc. The other type of podcast will be paid for English lessons.

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